ISC is a Superyacht coatings applicator with the experienced management and manpower capable of delivering projects on time and to the high standards demanded by owners.

Our available workforce of over 250 skilled and experienced applicators ensures that projects are completed on schedule and to a consistently high standard.

With over 30 years experience in the fairing and painting of Superyachts our management has the capability of guaranteeing the successful execution of even the largest project.

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ISC is one of the only coating
companies in the world to offer an
extended warranty to insure
against ongoing maintenance for refits

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While quality control and effective management are
recognised as important, at ISC we consider them the
most critical components of a successful fairing and
painting project.

ISC is dedicated to producing very high quality work. To
meet our customer's expectations and our own exacting
standards we employ only qualified, experienced
personal with high levels of technical skill. This means
the targeted continuing training of employees, as well as
using the latest methods and technology.

In order to control the quality of environment
conditions, ISC builds specialist paint chambers
around your yacht. These are individually
designed for each and every project

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ISC are world-class specialists in the
painting and fairing of superyachts, both
for new builds and refits

Surface fairing
Topcoat application
Metallic & Pearlescent applications
Interior Painting
Machinery Spaces
Surface preparation
Corrosion protection systems
Staff training
Problem Solving
Implementation of quality control systems
Paint protection
Paint enclosures

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